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Getting Started

Start learning to drive with Angels Driving School – Leeds

Getting Started in 3 steps

1 Get a provisional licence

You will need a provisional licence which you can obtain from your local post office by filling out a form.

2 Pass your driving theory test

You will need to complete your theory test, this can be undertaken as soon as you turn 17 and contains a mixture of multiple choice questions as well as hazard perception. You will need to do this before you can take your driving test.

3 Pass your practical driving test

To obtain a full licence, you will have to prove you are a safe and confident driver, covering all aspects of driving skills. For further information you can go to dsa.gov and view the official DSA video which will explain what will be required. When on your practical test, you are allowed to commit up to 15 driving faults, most people will commit around 10 minor faults so don’t worry if you make a little mistake, just keep calm and carry on. At some point on the test, the examiner will ask you questions about your car (the car you take your test in), these are called show me/ tell me.